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Using Markdown to edit your written content is one of the easiest ways to get the piece in your desired format. Learning the official syntax and adding it to the phrases and words can make them look different. Special symbols like ‘#’, ‘*’, and ‘_ ‘are the key to rendering a Markdown-formatted file.
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What is Markdown?

Markdown is a text editor that was developed to make factors such as readability of plain text documents and conversion to HTML easier. It can help you with the writing for the web.

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I have used around four dedicated Markdown editors for my work, and all of them have proven to be remarkable.
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Writing couldn’t become any better; Markdown has made my blog the sorted beauty it is.
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No text editor has taken a step towards making formatting such an easy affair with the lightweight syntax and fast conversion to HTML. All the essential editing elements are available on this formatting engine.


Handling Markdown is nothing less than a cinch as it has the least complex structure.


Shape it into the format that you want it to be. An engine that is pliable to your comforts.


You need not be a techie to grasp the techniques of Markdown. It is surely your best writing companion.

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These 7 Shows Spent More on CGI Than Most Blockbuster Movies

Do you remember those really old Sci-Fi movies? Where the alien space ships were attached to a string and flew above a miniature model town? Now compare that to the heart-stopping, eye-watering CGI of the Avengers movies. It’s safe to say that CGI has come a long way in such a short space of time. And it is only getting better and better every year.

With CGI movie makers can do fantastic things. They can reanimate dead actors, allowing them to reprise their roles from beyond the grave. They can create images so realistic, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for live-action.

And in recent years, this CGI technology has moved from being a big-budget movie exclusive towards being a TV staple. We are in the age of fantastic TV. In fact, studies show that people prefer a big-budget TV show to a blockbuster movie.

The reason for this is streaming services. Netflix has a massive library of fantastic shows. Amazon prime is creating award-winning series. And the streamsmart pro v20 supports 4k viewing. Streaming is at its best right now. So it’s no wonder that a lot of TV shows are spending more on their CGI department than most movies.

We have done the research and found that these 7 shows spent more on CGI than some of the biggest movies around. So, let’s take a look.


Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become a cult classic. Seemingly overnight it went from a new Netflix release to becoming one of the breakout shows of our generation. Catapulting Millie-Bobby Brown into stardom and giving Winona Ryder a chance to shine once more, it is no wonder this show is so highly acclaimed.

And the CGI budget for Stranger Things is out of this world. Literally. Creating and animating the Upsidedown, which is the spooky alternate dimension visited in the show, was no small task. Along with creating the demogorgons and demodogs, the shows CGI budget dwarfed that of some of the latest Marvel Movies.


The Boys

The boys turned the superhero genre on its head. Showing the heroes as power-hungry, corporate sellouts. It has become one of the most popular shows of the last two years, and people are already clambering for a third season, despite the second season has only just ended recently.

The show makes use of a hefty CGI budget to create the powers of the titular heroes. From Homelander’s laser eyes and disgusting gore scenes to starlights impressive bolts of light, the show has the budget of a proper superhero movie twice over.


The Expanse

One of the most expensive shows currently on the air, the Exapsne is set in a future where humanity has conquered the solar system. But the ships in the Expanse all follow the real laws of space travel. This includes all the nitty-gritty details of navigating through a Vaccum.

Because of this, the CGI budget was astronomical. They had to create a fully working physics engine to make sure the ships were behaving properly. Not to mention all the CGI that normally comes with a big budget sci-fi production. You would be shocked how much it actually costs to make this show.


Doctor Who

One of the most famous shows on the planet. Doctor who is Quintesntial Sci-fi. Running for over 50 years, the show used to be known for its tin-foil costumes and pepper pot bad guys. But modern Doctor Who has upped the CGI, especially when it became popular in America. And now it has a budget that would knock Enders Game out of the park.

While the CGI itself might not always be the most stunning, it still spends a lot on CGI effects. It is nearly impossible to film an episode of Doctor Who where some sort of CGI isn’t used.


Love, Death, and Robots

This show was made up of a series of separate stories, all animated by a different animation team from around the world. And because of that it has one of the largest CGI budgets ever seen. But the money was well spent as every episode is a beautiful work of art. Featuring stunning and characterized visuals, you could easily lose yourself in the worlds presented to you in every episode.

And it also has some of the funniest animated robots in any work of fiction ever, so make sure you check it out!


Star Trek: Discovery

Everyone knows Star Trek. One of the most famous and important Sci-Fi shows ever made. It was a beacon of diversity in a time where many people were gatekept out of the acting world. And Discovery is Netflix’s attempt to revive the show.

And with it, they have attached a massive budget. Every episode is filled with stunning effects and beautiful scenery. Not to mention animating the ship itself takes a lot of hard work. While the quality of the writing might not be the best, if you want to watch a sci-fi show with stunning effects, this is the one.


Transformers: Prime

Any list that looks at CGI needs to include a transformers show. Prime follows the most famous Autobot on his adventures on earth. And all of it is animated in stunning 3d. The budget itself would make James Cameron Blush! The seamless way the transformer actually transform is mesmerizing. We can’t recommend this show enough.

Raising Awareness: Are Wristbands More Effective Than TV Adverts?

Nothing annoys people more in modern times than TV Adverts. But it seems they are here to stay. No matter how much we try to avoid them, companies find new ways of showing adverts to us.

But they aren’t all negative. Adverts are a great way for small businesses to grow their customer base. It is a fantastic way for politicians to spread their political message during election season.

But there is one type of advert that is perhaps more important than any other. You will have seen hundreds of them. Often they are presenting images of those suffering or people in need. And often they are asking for charitable donations.


Raising Awareness

Awareness campaigns have been an important part of our society for many years now. It is our right as humans to help our fellow man. And our new age of information has made it all the easier to inform people of the hardships others are suffering from.

The first step in charity is raising awareness. If people aren’t informed then nothing can be done. But our world of advertising has made it difficult to raise awareness effectively. People are all too keen to avoid adverts altogether. So are TV Adverts still the best way to raise awareness?

There is one competitor that might be better, despite it being completely non-digital. And that method is awareness wristbands.


The Wristbands

You might remember a few years back when silicone wristbands were huge in the world of fashion. They were customized to have the branding of a number of important causes and sold for cheap, with all the profits going towards the various causes. Some would say it was one of the most impactful and strong awareness campaigns in recent history.

In recent years they have vanished from the public eye a bit more, mainly due to charities moving more towards digital adverts and doubling down on TV advertisements.

But which method is more effective when it comes to raising awareness?


TV Vs Fashion

So which method is best for raising awareness in the modern-day? Firstly let’s look at the strengths for both. TV Adverts are able to present a lot of detailed information to the viewer. This is important to make sure they are aware of where their money will be going and how it will be used.

It is also great at highlighting the plight of those affected by these issues. Information is power when it comes to charity and raising awareness, and TV adverts are filled with information.

Wristbands have the power of being portable. To view  TV Advert people have to be, of course, sat on their TV. But if someone is wearing a wristband they will be spreading the name of the cause wherever they go. In the marketing world, this is called free advertising and is one of the most powerful tools available to a charity.

But both these methods have their weaknesses. For wristbands it is the fact there isn’t much information presented on them. While buying them gives money to a good cause, it can be difficult for people to be aware of what causes the wristband is for at a glance.

But TV Adverts are slowly becoming increasingly obsolete in our society. Streaming platforms are used in homes more often than conventional TV packages, and these platforms tend to be advert free.


Overall we would argue that Wristbands are far more effective at raising awareness than a TV advert. The combination of being present in shops, mainly at the tills, and having people talk about their fashion and why they are wearing it is a much better way of spreading information in these modern times.


Wearable Tech: 5 Fitness Gadgets To Up your Workout

Fit Bit

Fit bits have become a staple in any sportsman’s workout routine, they have revolutionized how people work out and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Any professional sports player or exercise enthusiast you know probably has a fit bit, and with good reason. Thanks to their amazing design and technology team they have paved the way for the technology and fitness industry to really blossom.


A fit bit is basically a smartwatch designed to monitor information regarding your body and any exercise sessions you will do, as well as tracking how long a session has gone on for, and also get information like how many calories you have burnt and your heart rate as you exercise. What makes the Fit bit different from their competition would be the fact that all of this crucial information is accessible thanks to one easy to use the mobile app, seeing a record of information from previous workouts is a very useful tool for any sports enthusiast and has really made a change in the way that we do exercise.


Smart Rings/ Bracelets

Another nifty gadget that has recently come onto the market would have to be the introduction of smart jewelry, rather than focusing on using body monitoring technology within the jewelry we have instead seen the release of rings and bracelets fitted with special magnets. These magnets are designed to help with muscle relaxation and prevent illness later in life, thanks to the implementation of these new magnets we could see a rapid decrease in conditions like arthritis which is commonly suffered by those who put extra strain on their body through exercise. The jewelry releases waves that promote the health of your joints and bones in the area you wear it, so it is definitely worth looking at this revolutionary medical technology and see if it is something you would benefit from.


GPS tracking

This gadget is something that is suitable for runners or maybe you’re a worried parent with a child going to soccer practice, in the winter months it can get dark very early, and knowing where your loved ones are can be a welcome peace of mind. GPS tracking sensors are readily available to help ensure your safety when you are working out outdoors, they are very easy to use with clips to attach them to anything you could have on your person. They are even compatible with the top adidas soccer cleats for your convenience. Simply attach the tracker and install the mobile app to see the wearer’s location, of course, it goes without saying that these gadgets should only be used for safety purposes only.


Headphone Hats

Going for a run when it’s cold outside is bad enough without having to deal with the inconvenience of headphones being in your ear, thanks to the creation of wooly hats with small built-in Bluetooth earphones you can not only listen to your music comfortably but also keep warm.

Muscle Training Clothing

A final gadget worthy of a place on this list would have to be the introduction of muscle training pads, these pads fit onto your muscles or can even be found built into pieces of clothing. These pads are used to stimulate your muscles and encourage them to grow in size and strength. The workout can be customized to suit anyone’s desired intensity so there is no worry of your body being overworked and we have seen some exceptional results. If you were to use this technology on your abs for example you should experience toning and strengthening of your core muscles without having to lift a finger.

The 4 Best Cameras You Can Buy and Where To Get Them

Just like with every profession, being a photographer is a lot of hard work and requires the best equipment on the market. There are a lot of different options for cameras out there and if you’re just starting out on the job it can seem quite overwhelming to figure out which one is the one for you. There are also a lot of options within different price ranges, so if you don’t have a lot of money available to invest you do not have to spend money you don’t have in order to buy a high-quality camera. If you need help navigating the many cameras available for a purchaser for different situations, then this list may be what you’re looking for.



Regardless of the situation or event that you plan on photographing, you can always find the best cameras at camerakool, who have recommendations for every occasion. In this case, they recommend this camera as being perfect for wedding photography. It is an all-rounder camera, with a great capacity for taking pictures from a distance, as is the norm at weddings. This camera also works very well in low light conditions so will take beautiful pictures of the couple’s first dance and has an amazing feature of 4K video capture, meaning you also have the option to sign up for the wedding videographer too.



This option is a bit different than the standard professional camera but is the best option available for taking videos of action shots and can be found for a great price on the GoPro website. GoPro’s are known for being sturdy and waterproof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about damaging an expensive camera when working. This camera in particular has a lot of features that make it just that little bit better than other options available on the market. For one, it has great video stabilization technology, so you don’t have to worry about any of your shots being shaky and unstable. It also has a dozen voice commands, making it easier to set up a shoot if it is you doing the action that you want to capture.



If you are new to the world of photography and just want to start off with something cheap and simple, there are a lot of point and shoot cameras available on the market for under $300, most being found on sites like Amazon. We recommend the Canon Powershot Elph 360 HS as one of the best options available thanks to the great zoom ability, image stabilizer, and a burst rate that shoots at 7.2 frames per second, all for a good price that won’t cause you to break the bank. The camera also has built-in WiFI that will allow you to connect the camera to the Android or iOS app, making the whole experience a lot easier for beginners.



The last camera on this list is the Canon EOS Rebel T7I, which is one of the best cameras on the market for product photographers. This camera in particular is highly recommended by professionals thanks to the 45 AF Focus points that it comes with and a screen with a 1080p video resolution. The camera is also great for taking clear images in a dark environment, with pictures being very clear and refined in any lighting. It is also a lot easier to inspect the finer details on this camera thanks to the great resolution, meaning that the picture remains clear even when you zoom or pan on them. All of this is available for a reasonable price on Canon’s own website.

How Sony is Dealing with its PS5 Supply Issues

The moment gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Next Generation of Consoles. It seems a lifetime ago that the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 released. But no one has forgotten the hard-fought marketing battles and internet rage wars that followed in their wake.

But it seems no new console is without its controversies. And the Playstation 5 is following this trend even before its launch.



The PS5 has been shrouded in secrecy. After the initial reveal event, we heard next to nothing about the console. No price or release date in sight. Naturally, people started to worry. With the holiday season quickly approaching eager fans were dying to know when they could get their hands on the next-gen tech.

And all this hype finally culminated a few days ago when the price and the release date was finally revealed to the world.

But this wasn’t the happy announcement it should have been.


The Issues

A few days before the showcase the world was hit with the news that Sony was struggling to make enough PS5 units. And the shortage wasn’t by a small margin either. They estimated they would be short by nearly ten million units. Now, it is all too easy to think that this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

For a new console release, a company will purposely only make a certain amount of units. This is by design to stop everyone who wants one from getting one. The idea is to make the product more elusive and pump up demand. A dirty and evil tactic, but an effective one.

So that ten million is being taken from an already small production size. Meaning the console is set to sell fewer units than the new Xbox on release. But this means the PS5 will be playing catch up for years as they try to recover from this.

Stores are already canceling pre-orders as they have been told they won’t be getting as many units as originally promised. People are having their hearts broken after waiting for hours to get their pre-order in.


Their Battle Plan

The first step in recovering from this disaster was winning back online approval. But this isn’t easy. Mainly because the vast majority of the online community is currently PC gaming based. So already they are facing a community that spends their time using hacks for rusty from veterancheats to top the scoreboards. These people are too focused on dominating to be bothered with whatever Sony is peddling.

So they have had to move to a different tactic and win approval with their new Playstation classics bundle. An attempt to win favor by promising a collection of impressive PS4 games ported to the PS5 on release.

While this has won the favor of a few people, overall it seems the general public is still very angry about the shortages. An insider leak has claimed that sony is funneling millions into correction the production shortage as quickly as they can, diverting resources from other sectors such as their TV and Audio tech departments.

We don’t think Sony is going to be able to deal with the full ramifications of their production shortage. Especially considering the state of the world. With more lockdown restrictions looming, the race is on to get production done before they have to close down their production factories for safety reasons.

What do you think? Are you excited for the release of the PS5? Or are you not bothered either way?

How Do Fire Resistant Products Actually Work

It’s been bugging me for years and finally, I’ve found the answers. Just how exactly do fire-resistant products actually work? Is it magic? Science? A bit of both? Luckily for you, I’ve found out just how this life-saving product actually works and it’s changed the way I look at them.



How exactly do they work? Well, if the paint is “fireproof” it acts as a barrier between the item and the fire. It’s a sort of chemical wall that tells the fire not to come any closer. This is done by the formation of a layer of char above a whole range of materials from metal and fabric to wood. For good welding pants that are fire resistant, I recommend checking out welding mania.



The science of the matter is fascinating. The chemicals that lie within the resistant coating have a chemical reaction to the flames. The heat causes the coating to create bubbles of gas. This gas is inert because it does not go through a chemical reaction and the paint’s own additives then contribute to the inert gas and make it even stronger. This protects the substance even more from the fire. The non-combustible foam char layer works by increasing the time a fire is able to strike through and depending on what substance the paint has been applied to will affect the length of time it takes for the heat to have an effect.


Time Limits

A lot of people seem to think that a time limit on a fireproof paint will indicate how long it takes before the fire burns down whatever you’re putting the paint on. This isn’t the case. It is in fact the time it takes the paint to fail and the fire to affect the material. For example, if a steel fireproof paint has a limit of sixty minutes, that’s not sixty minutes it will take for the fire to consume the piece of steel; it’s sixty minutes before the fire even scorches it. That’s impressive stuff.



It’s safe to say that these fire retardants make a lot of materials safer. If things take longer to catch fire, it’s easier to spot and put the fire out before it becomes a serious problem. In fact, many fires will extinguish all on their own without the necessary fuel to carry on burning. Fuel makes up one of the three pillars a fire needs in order to exist. The other two are oxygen and heat. Without one of the three, the fire cannot continue and the flames will self extinguish. However, if a fire has caught the surface of the material, for example, timber wood, then the paint at the very least will slow this process down considerably and allow more time for human intervention and stopping a collapse for longer. These substances help keep things cooler in the long run and make environments safer for employees. Think of all the lives saved in the steel and timber industry by just using fire-resistant materials and paints around flammable things.



Why might you require the use of a fire retardant? Well, they are great for protecting any kind of wood against fire damage and have consistently been shown to dramatically slow the burning process of wood surfaces right down. In addition, it is important to make it clear that fireproof paints and the like aren’t permanent. Like any paint, it will wear away after time and so the user needs to reapply it when this happens. Therefore, fire retardants aren’t always the single best option when dealing with outside equipment such as BBQs and decks. Like most things, it’s best not to solely rely on them, but to use them in conjunction with your own senses and awareness of fire.

These Four Tech-Companies are Taking On Apple in a Big Way!

Apple is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful companies on the planet. Their logo is everywhere. Their brand is a household name and instantly recognizable. They are constantly parodied, praised, attacked, loved, loathed and everything in between.

Not many companies can elicit this sort of response from the population of the entire planet. Yet Apple has solidified itself in the annals of human history as a cooperate tech goliath. But just like the age of parable of David and Goliath, there is always someone gunning to take them down.

Apple is no stranger to market competition. That is just a side effect of the capitalist world we live in. But, occasionally, a few companies step up and actively take aim at weakening Apple’s stranglehold on the market. Sometimes this is done in a positive, competitive manner. Other times it is an outright declaration of war.


Epic Games

Fortnite has become as common a name like Apple. Kids armed with Iphones sink countless hours into Fortnite. It seems the Fortnite craze is showing no signs of stopping. But recently the company that develops Fortnite, Epic Games, has fired off a shot against Apple, declaring all-out war on the company.

The drama started when they create a system to bypass the Apple Stores inbuilt microtransactions system, passing the savings onto the customer if they buy directly with Epic Games. This effectively would stop Apple from profiting from their product.

Apple responded by removing Fortnite from the Apple Store. Epic responded with a vicious attack trailer and creating an Anti-Apple ingame event. Clearly they had this planned from the get-go. We can’t say who is in the right here. And Epics’ plan to weaponize children seems dodgy at best.


Social Planner

But not all attacks against Apple are done with malicious intent. Some are pure good-spirited competition, like that presented by socialplanner. This company is developing a series of apps designed to streamline people’s schedules, social media content, and business timetables. Previously, a lot of Apple devices try to get you to use their inbuilt scheduling apps. Social Planner is trying to combat this by creating an app that anyone can use, across multiple devices, including Apple products. The big advantage of this is the user can track their information on multiple devices.



The age-old enemy of Apple. Their biggest rival and the only company that can constantly go blow for blow against the tech giant. Microsoft has thrown their hat into the ring by backing Epic Games in their upcoming dispute. A clear attack directly against Apple.

Will this have any lasting consequences? Most likely not. It is not unusual for a major competitor to side with a company taking shots against Apple. It just stokes further competition which, in turn, fuels progress in development and research. We won’t be surprised if Microsoft even launches an ad campaign in support of Epic.



If there is one company that could do some serious damage to Apple, its Google. The company that seemingly runs the internet. The search engine that knows exactly what you are thinking. No matter what device you use, Android or Apple, chances are you are still using Google while online.

And Google knows this. To that end, they are pushing forward their own line of phones and products, backed by the power of their Google advertising algorithm to prioritize their products, it won’t be long before we are living in a world run by Google.

Of course, it won’t be anything like as bad as the movies would have you believe.

Why This European Tech Firm is Investing in Rocket League

It was recently revealed by Bild that the German tech giant Celonis had made a sizable investment into the rocket league franchise. This news came as quite a surprise, so this passage will try and detail why this decision was made.


Firstly, you need to consider the immense relevancy of Rocket League, this is a game that contains skin loot boxes, tournaments, and many players make use of rocket league boosting the game is massive. This shows that rocket league is not a franchise that is going away any time soon, and that it remains as big as it was upon its release date in 2015.


Now, despite rocket league being a relatively cheap game, you need to realize the immense amount of money this game rakes in from in-game purchases. Be it from skins, in-game coins, or tournaments, the game is extremely profitable. The game also has a large field of different players. The game goes from casual teenagers to MLG professional E-Sport players. This means that the game has a fantastic level of appeal to almost every gamer demographic.


Finally, we should explore what Celonis can do for Rocket League. Well, the firm has been investing in E-Sports events throughout Europe over the past decade. Running and placing their sponsorship on some of the biggest events on the continent. Celonis clearly see the competitive nature of professional rocket league tournaments and understand that hedging their bets on rocket league could offer an exclusive relationship on any future events.


This is clearly a mutually beneficial deal for both Celonis and rocket league, as rocket league is now giving a higher point of legitimacy in the European market, while Celonis have the opportunity to attach there name to one of the fastest-growing E-Sport franchises.

The Reason Why Amazon is Petitioning for Stricter Drone Laws

Drones are one of the most innovative inventions of the 21st century. Technology that was previously only available to military firms and the super-rich are now sold in most high street stores and online for a fraction of their previous cost. Anyone with a bit of spare cash and time can now grab themselves a drone and take it for a spin.

And people have been finding increasingly creative uses for drones. Filmmakers have ventured to new heights with their drones, capturing scenic landscapes and previously inaccessible vistas.  Certain jobs have been made easier, such as mapping or search and rescue due to the versatility of drones.

But drones are not without their own issues. When a product such as this becomes so widely available, with so many uses attached to it, the laws surrounding them are murky at best. With no concrete rules in place for when and where drones can be used, there have been many cases of confusion and disarray caused by drones.

And because of this, a lot of organizations and public groups have banded together to demand stricter drone control laws. But there is one company no one expected to throw their hat into the ring. And that is Amazon.


The Drone Fleet

Amazon has been the butt of a lot of jokes and memes in recent years due to its new drone initiative. An entire fleet of drones designed to deliver amazon packages the same day. Many people have compared this to 1984, saying it is a small step from this to total drone control over everyone.

Amazon also stands to benefit more than any other company from loose drone control. So why are they one of the biggest companies petitioning for stricter drone control?

There are a number of key reasons. Of course, we know nothing for certain. When it comes to a cooperate giant like Amazon, you can never be truly sure of their motives without being in the inner circles.

The first reason, as far as we can guess, is to eliminate the competition. Stricter drone laws would make it more difficult for smaller companies or rising competitors to create their own fleet of drones. A feat amazon has already completed.

In unison with this idea, Amazon has an incredible legal team at its disposal. Any legislation or red-tape that will be put on drones will easily be handled by their legal department making it all too easy for them to continue on with their plans while staying a step ahead of the competition.

The second biggest factor in Amazon’s petitioning for legislation change, we believe, is security. If anyone is allowed to own and fly a drone wherever they like, they could easily target Amazon drones and knock them out of the sky. Parcel theft is already a huge problem in the USA, and being able to get them before delivery would be crippling for amazon. So tighter drone legislation would help them secure their drones.


Previous Issues

In recent years we have seen many incidents of drones causing disruption to public services. We saw Heathrow brought to a standstill on multiple occasions due to a drone flying too close to the runways. A prime example of how much chaos these seemingly simple devices can cause.

And there are hundreds of instances of small cases as well. People attacking neighbors or shooting down drones that fly over their property. Since it is too easy to attach cameras to the foldable selfie drones, they can easily be used as spying devices by people with less than savory motivations. And this has instilled a great sense of paranoia into the general public.

Conspiracy theories pop up all the time. Any new technology always generates a buzz on the conspiracy blogs and in the minds of those a bit more suspicious of the world. And drones are no exception.

The Amazon drone fleet has been the target of a number of these theories. Some saying they are actually designed as policing drones, able to track and monitor people wherever they are. Others have said every drone camera on the planet is being fed to the government.

Outlandish theories, but it still shows just how powerful this drone craze is.


The Legislation

So what does Amazon want doing in terms of legislation? The main point they are petitioning for is better control over air space traffic. As it stands the altitude at which drones fly isn’t very well regulated, unlike the altitudes conventional planes fly at. Amazon wants there to be a similar system in place, with matching air traffic control organizations, to make sure the skies are regulated in terms of drones.

Secondly, they want to make sure all drones have digital tags that can be scanned and read remotely. These tags will function as a license plate, meaning every drone in the sky can be traced back to its owner with ease. This will stop air assaults on their own drone fleet and also correct a lot of the current issues surrounding spying and air disruption caused by drones.

While we are unsure about Amazon’s motives for stricter drone laws, we have to commend them. Everything they are petitioning for seems to be a smart move and the correct next step in the drone revolution. As drone tech improves we must balance and check them to make sure everything stays above board.

How to Convert HTML to WordPress


Converting an HTML file to WordPress involves a lot of steps which target everything from the textual content in the website to the design formats that can improve the user experience. It does not mean that HTML is not an effective tool anymore. The recent iteration, HTML5, is a very powerful platform that can help you build high-quality websites without any CMS behind them. However, more people are switching to WordPress to manage their websites due to many reasons. There are three ways of switching HTML to WordPress that you will learn about below.

Three ways you can move from static HTML to WordPress

To move from HTML to WP, you will need to turn your HTML design to a WP theme that can control how your website will look and feel. The CMS provides the functionality to the website along with other additional plugins. You have several options to make the switch from HTML to WP. The best-suited method for you depends on several factors, including time and money. You will, of course, need your coding skills and knowledge about different functions.


Manually convert HTML to a WP

If you are thorough with your coding skills, this method may not seem like a problem at all. You can use your existing code as a starting point and start creating new WP theme files. It will include HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP knowledge. You will be using the codes from HTML and using it to create your WP theme. You don’t need to rewrite entire codes again as you can copy, paste, and use the same codes.

The only downside for this method is that you can still miss a few elements that the WordPress theme can offer. Some of the tools, like widgets and WordPress backend programs, will not function while converting with manual coding. It means that even though your site will function on WordPress, you will not be able to manage it completely.

HTML to WP via WordPress Child Theme

This is the easiest and most reasonable option in terms of efforts and monetary investment. Instead of trying to jump your existing site to WordPress, you can create a new website with WordPress and adjust it accordingly to resemble your old website. With this method, you will be able to use WordPress completely while also keeping the looks from your old website. You will also find all the WP features inbuilt without having to use any external plugins.

Import content from HTML to WordPress using plugins

The final method is to set up a fresh site with a new theme and simply import your HTML content to fit the new website. This method is used when you are not interested in keeping the old designs and colours. It is the easiest process, and one can learn it with the knowledge of WordPress plugins.