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Using Markdown to edit your written content is one of the easiest ways to get the piece in your desired format. Learning the official syntax and adding it to the phrases and words can make them look different. Special symbols like ‘#’, ‘*’, and ‘_ ‘are the key to rendering a Markdown-formatted file.
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What is Markdown?

Markdown is a text editor that was developed to make factors such as readability of plain text documents and conversion to HTML easier. It can help you with the writing for the web.

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I have used around four dedicated Markdown editors for my work, and all of them have proven to be remarkable.
Sophia P. Adams
Writing couldn’t become any better; Markdown has made my blog the sorted beauty it is.
John Bryant


No text editor has taken a step towards making formatting such an easy affair with the lightweight syntax and fast conversion to HTML. All the essential editing elements are available on this formatting engine.


Handling Markdown is nothing less than a cinch as it has the least complex structure.


Shape it into the format that you want it to be. An engine that is pliable to your comforts.


You need not be a techie to grasp the techniques of Markdown. It is surely your best writing companion.

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Markdown has no magnets to suck your money. You can avail of its service by installing it for free.

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If you are a writer who is looking for the right platform to format your content, click into the world of Markdown.  


The Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Private Server

The Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Private Server

Digital security is a word that is tossed around a lot these days. And to the layman, it can be quite confusing. Especially now that technology has advanced so much. A simple firewall can only protect you so much. Threats have become more advanced and data more complex. Making it more valuable and thus more likely to be stolen from you.

Today we want to look at virtual private servers. Or a VPS as it is commonly called. We will examine the pros and cons of using one and briefly explain what they are.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

When you set up your home network you connect your devices to the internet through a router. This means your network can be tracked and accessed by other people potentially. Imagine it like a bubble attached to a large bubble. A VPS, in simple terms, creates a fake bubble between your network and the internet. Sort of like a disguise. It functions exactly like a normal network but is handled and stored remotely.

VPS’s are often created and managed by private companies. Much like an internet service provider. You can find a Mac or windows VPS hosting company in nearly every country on Earth these days. Different companies offer different types of VPS’s so make sure you search around and find one that works best for your needs.

The company will have physical servers on-site that they maintain and you pay a fee and they establish a virtual network on this server. Thus creating a VPS. But what are the pros of a VPS? And are there any cons?

Does a VPS Provide Extra Security?

The short answer to this question is: Yes! A VPS is one of the most efficient and secure forms of security you can get. Home security technology and programs are often pricey and difficult to install. But using a VPS cuts out this work as the company hosting the VPS will most likely have dedicated and very tough security measures surrounding their Virtual networks.

Also, it reduces the risk of someone being able to track your home address or current location. The VPS acts as a buffer between you and potential hackers. You could be sitting in your home in New York, but a hacker might see you are being located in Moscow. So if you are worried about the issue of identity theft, a VPS is definitely right for you.

Are There Cons to a VPS?

Nothing is without faults. And a VPS is no exception. The biggest con is price. VPS’s are not cheap. Especially if you want a premium service with extra security. While they are worth the cost, it just sometimes isn’t feasible for you to rent out a VPS. The cost is rarely one time either, rather a subscription fee paid monthly or yearly.

Secondly, they are open to the same faults and issues that any network can suffer. Mainly they can experience downtime. This can be a pain if you are away from home and need the VPS to access your data. If the network is down you are out of luck. There is also the risk that the company itself could go bust, leaving you high and dry.

Does a VPS have uses Beyond Security?

Absolutely! A VPS isn’t just a security tool. VPS’s are used in all walks of life because of their vast utility. Since a VPS network can be accessed from wherever you are with an internet connection, it allows you to take your work or projects on the go. If you are on holiday you can still access data stored on the network.

It also lets you run powerful programs that your home computers might not be able to handle. As such you can use a VPS in fields of work, such as research or mass data storage. Making them extremely useful for a small business or research team. And you can grant people from around the world access so you can work in tandem.

You can even get VPS’s designed for gaming. So if you have a poor internet connection at home or your system cant handle the top-tier games, you might consider looking into a gaming VPS.

All the Tech Resources Needed for Running a Successful Pop-Up Restaurant

All the Tech Resources Needed for Running a Successful Pop-Up Restaurant

If you are someone that lives in Australia, then something that you may have noticed is an increase in pop-up restaurants. Unfortunately, covid restrictions within the country have been very on and off and many cities continue to be put in lockdown. The rules concerning public interaction have also been very inconsistent, with restaurants being forced to close their doors and reopen them with extremely short notice.

For this reason, many restaurants have unfortunately been unable to continue operations due to inconsistent income and the pressure of bills. However, instead of closing their doors completely, some restaurant owners decided to try out running a pop-up restaurant.

What is a pop-up restaurant?

A pop-up restaurant is essentially a restaurant with no fixed address. Instead of being limited to one facility, pop-up restaurants hire out an array of different premises and operate their businesses from there. Sometimes owners don’t even operate from inside businesses, and they instead set up pop out restaurants outside, which protects them from a lot of covid restrictions.

If you are someone that is interested in setting up a pop-up restaurant, something that you should know is that it isn’t just as simple as randomly setting up restaurants wherever you feel like it. In fact, you need a lot of tools and tech to be able to do it correctly. Here is just a quick rundown of all the tech resources needed for running a successful pop-up restaurant.

Wireless Card Reader

There is absolutely no point in setting up a restaurant if you have no means of accepting money. Due to the fears associated with covid, we are becoming somewhat of a cashless society. This means that anyone that may come to your restaurant will likely want to pay by card. If you are working in a facility without Wi-Fi or you’re outdoors, then setting up a register can be difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in a wireless card reader that you can take with you to different venues that you might use. Wireless card readers are very affordable, and we recommend that you look into the PayPal specific card reader.


If you are setting up your pop-up indoors, then it is likely that you will likely have access to some form of refrigeration. However, if you set up your restaurant in an unconventional place or somewhere outside, then you will have to source your own. Refrigeration is a must-have, as meats and other foods that are left at the wrong temperature can lead to your customers becoming ill. We recommend that you enlist the help of a company that can help you put together a mobile refrigerator. If you are close to the city, then you will be glad to know that there is a refrigeration company in Perth that specialises in designing refrigeration for different commercial spaces and they can help design one to fit your needs.

An Ipad/Tablet

It may shock you to know that having an Ipad/tablet is extremely useful for running a pop-up restaurant. Using a portable device means that you can keep an account of people that have booked a table at your restaurant. You could always use the pen and paper method, but doing this makes it too easy for mistakes to be made, which could interrupt the running of your pop-up. Having several means that you can link the devices up, which will make it easier for your workers to communicate with each other and update a shared database.

A Complete Tech Guide to Starting your Own Stream

In this day and age, the career paths that we are able to venture down are much different from what was previously on offer. These days you are not forced to follow a career that fits into the usual lineup of possible careers and you can now do a lot of jobs that are based on your own personal passions.  

Something that has been increasing in popularity in the last few years is streaming. Though you can stream about just about everything, most people choose to host streams that show them playing one of their favorite games. Streamers can gain millions of views with every stream and you can make a pretty profitable career from streaming. Not only do you get paid by the service that you stream on, but you can also get paid extra by your viewers and even form partnerships with businesses that want to sponsor your brand. In recent months, a very popular cbd oil brand has been sponsoring a number of streamers with the deal that they will promote the positive side effects of their product.  


If you are someone that wants to break into the world of streaming, you have to consider that there is an entire technical side to doing it. You can’t just load up your laptop and start streaming and there are a number of steps that you have to take in order to be able to stream. Here is a complete technical guide to starting your own stream.  


Make sure that your device is powerful enough 

Say you use a ten-year-old laptop with 4GB of RAM, you are going to have a hard time running all of the programs required in order to be able to stream. If you are someone that plans on just streaming yourself and talking to your audience, then you will have less of a difficult time using the more basic technology.  

If you are someone that plans on streaming games, then you are going to need an incredibly powerful device in order to run your stream and also run your game. When it comes to streaming games, it is recommended that you have around 16GB of RAM. This will allow you to run all of the programs that are required for you to be able to stream effectively and without any sort of delay and lag which could ruin your stream.  


Make sure you have the right equipment  

There are actually a few things that you need in order to be able to be a successful streamer. If you plan on being a big part of your stream, you will first need a camera.  People who do more personalized streams tend to have a bigger following as their fans feel as though they have more of a connection with them. We recommend that you invest in a high-quality camera, as this will produce a clearer picture which will make your overall stream look be better quality.  

You will also need a mic. This is especially the case if you are someone that will be publishing gaming material as you will want to be able to communicate with the people that you are playing with, as well as your audience. There is nothing more off-putting than tuning into a stream and hearing a poor quality mic. This is often reason enough for people to simply click away from the stream and look for someone else to watch, so you don’t want to lose any potential viewers due to hosting a poor-quality stream.  

6 Things you’ll Need to Know Before you Make Your First Game

If you are someone that is interested in gaming, then you may have thought of making your own game at some point in the future. Creating a game seems like an exciting prospect, but there is a lot of work that goes into it.  Not only is there a lot of work that you have to do, but there is a lot you need to know. Here are 6 things you need to know before you make your first game.

Have realistic expectations

The best thing you can do for yourself before you start making a game is set realistic expectations. When it comes to dreaming up a game, some of us can let our imagination run loose, which can be helpful in many ways. However, you need to make sure that you are not planning more than what you are capable of.

You are going to need funding

Before starting your game you need to be able to source funding. Gaming is expensive and there is software that you will have to pay for and labor that you will need to hire, so be sure that you have enough money set aside before you get started.

You need a solid concept

Though you may have ideas before you can start making a game you need to ensure that you have a solid concept. If you go into making your game with a list of random ideas, then you will quickly find yourself getting lost and confused, so make sure you know exactly what your end goal is going to be. This will make creating your game a much more straightforward process.

You need to know what your audience wants

Before you start making your game, be sure to do some market research.  Your potential audience will give you the best advice on what they want, so be sure to listen. A lot of gamers like the ability to add mods or cheats like warzone wallhacks, so be sure to check what additional features your potential gamers would like.

After all, your audience is going to be the ones that are downloading and supporting your game, so you need to make sure that you have their interest.

It is going to take some time

A very common mistake that game designers make is thinking that they will be able to complete their game quickly, which means that they often set unrealistic release dates that need to be reprised very early on. Setting unrealistic time frames for your game will not only annoy your potential buyers if you don’t deliver, but it will also put a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself to finish the game, which means that you may not be able to make the game that is the quality that you want.

Testing is key

As well as not rushing the game that you are making, you need to ensure that you are doing continuous testing throughout. You could think that things are going well and continue to make the game, only to realize that you made an unnoticeable mistake earlier on in the game-making process. Before you start making your game, you need to set up a schedule for when you plan on testing your game. You must stick to this schedule and force yourself to test the game, this way you will be able to notice any mistakes quickly.


The key thing to remember before starting your game is to just have fun, if you stop having fun then you will lose the passion for your work and may not be interested in carrying on.

How It’s Made: Looking at How Video Game Maps are Made

I’m sure we can all agree that video games are a great development of technology that changed the entertainment industry forever, however as they are enjoyed by so many, gaming companies often struggle to keep their players interested by offering fresh content within their games. One of the best ways to do this is to make regular changes to the video game map to ensure the player does not get bored of playing and choose another game to play from the thousands of other options that are available on the market.  


The video game map in some cases is the central location where most of the game’s action takes place, with this in mind it would make sense that the map is one of the first things to be upgraded as it provides the biggest opportunity to engross the most players. If you are a regular gamer then you may be interested to know how game creators are able to make such big changes to a game map over small periods of time.  


How Video Game Providers Keep Gamers Interested

With all of the gaming brands that have now come into fruition, there is a lot of pressure on gaming providers to keep their fans and their players interested by producing new content for them to enjoy. As previously mentioned in many mainstream games the concept relies upon having a cool map to play the game within, if the map is not up to scratch it is likely that many players would stop playing as they are having the same boring experience over and over again.  

One of the best ways to keep gamers interested and encourage them to continue playing your games and spending money on unlockable content would be to ensure small changes to the map are being implemented on a regular basis. It is understandable to not be constantly releasing upgrades but if you wish to be successful in comparison to your competition it is something that you will need to start doing in order to remain popular.  

Introducing New Code

 The process of introducing new code can be complex, depending on the extravagance of the things you would like to implement into the game it could take a while to get the code to the point where it will work properly with little to no bugs or issues. In some cases it is necessary to put preliminary code into the game to prepare for the new code that is to be added, Battle Royale games like Fortnite usually follow this process meaning that there will be some server downtime where the game cannot be accessed to make all of the necessary changes as quickly as possible.  

A new update to a popular game can be seen through the recent download within Call of Duty War Zone which included several new maps to play on as well as bug fixes and graphic upgrades. This updater also allowed some old wall hacks and esp cheats for call of duty warzone to come back into use, so if cheats and hacks are something you enjoy using definitely check it out.  

Building upon Existing Code

One of the most commonly used methods of updating a video game map would have to be to build upon the existing code, this will work very well if you are making small changes to the existing code or you would like to add a smaller special feature to the game. This is a great method to help keep the players interested in the game and encourage them to continue to play and check out the new features, whilst only requiring a small amount of work for you to implement them.  

This method can be used to add small extras to the gaming map and it is actually very easy to do. An example of this would be if your game had drivable vehicles within them, it would be much simpler to use the coding for your vehicles and add things like power-ups and weapons rather than coding in a separate vehicle, this would add a new dynamic to the game without needing server downtime to complete it.  

Seasonal Changes

Many games choose to release new maps over the year but if your game is played on a  single map it may be a good idea to change the map on a seasonal basis. This adds an element of storytelling that would entice gamers even more as well as limit the number of times you will need a complete overhaul of the game’s code, whilst adding smaller changes over the season to make sure people will continue to play your game. Having a seasonal schedule for a video game map also opens up the opportunity to go for a more drastic theme change that will be more interesting to the players.  

The Definitive Top Ten Best Laptop Brands


 The first laptop brand worthy of a position on this list of the best laptop brands would have to be Samsung, as a company they are known for carrying a wide variety of household tech and their laptops does not deviate from the standard of quality that has been set by their many years of trading. The latest Samsung laptop release was in the mid-range when compared to other devices on the market however, they have a wide range of laptop models each catering to a different budget range.  


 Chromebooks are very unique as they are designed to be used mainly over the internet, by cutting down on processor and RAM capabilities these laptops are much more affordable and will last longer before they begin to deteriorate in terms of running speeds. If you are looking for a new laptop but don’t have the funds available for one of the more luxury brands and models then a Chromebook could be just what you need for casual use and internet streaming.  


 Lenovo laptops would have to be up there as one of the best brands currently available in my opinion, their new release which was actually a tablet and laptop hybrid device would be great for somebody who works in graphic design and could make use of the think pad technology that is implemented in many Lenovo laptops. These devices can be a little on the expensive side but luckily I found a german Lenovo ecoupon and was able to save myself some money, so I would urge you to do the same and check if any discount is available before you go ahead with a purchase.  


 ASUS is a tech brand that has been around for some time now since its development in the early 2000s they have been a consistent brand in terms of providing functional and easy-to-use laptops and technology. Their reliability has brought them many loyal customers who are likely to stay with ASUS as their trusted tech brand bringing them much repeat business and profit.   


 HP is a brand with some very powerful devices under their range of laptops that are available for purchase, like the older brands such as Dell and ASUS this brand of tech has been trusted by many for many years, among them one of the most popular laptop providers in our country. HP has been making laptops for a long time and their large amount of experience can be seen through the innovative designs of the tech they produce every year to make sure that people with a  range of budgets can access efficient laptops for their home.  



 MSI specializes in home technology and gaming equipment, their wide range of technology may not be as well known as some of the more mainstream devices on this list but the fact that they are still trading after so long in the industry shows their worth as a technology designer and retailer. Their laptops would be very well suited for those of you that need a professional-grade performance quality as well as those who will be using their laptop on an almost daily basis.  


 Huawei as a brand has been releasing some very good stuff this year from phones to home computers and laptops, one thing that you can guarantee with Huawei is that no matter what device you are looking for Huawei will have a high quality and effective device for you that will meet all of your needs. Again with many different devices suited for a range of budgets  


 It should go without saying that Apple and their flagship laptop designs are iconic within the industry, if you have not had any experience with Apple products I would urge you to research into what they have to offer and whether or not you think their products would be suitable for your home life. Macbooks come equipped with amazing processor speeds and quality that cannot be matched by any other competitors on the market. From the sleek design and sturdy materials to the vibrant screen and unmatched performance power if you were to invest in a Macbook I am sure that you will not regret your decision.  


 Acer is another very widely used laptop brand with many members of the public admitting that they have used an Acer laptop at some point in their lives. This brand caters to a wide range of people who require their technology for different situations in both a professional and home setting. Their laptops can be relied upon for durability and performance and would be perfect for someone looking for a device for everyday use on the go, as they are so resilient to damage this would be perfect for people who use their laptops in a variety of different places. 


The final brand worthy of a position on this list would have to be Dell, they are very well known and have become a household name over their many years within the technology industry. A dell laptop provides insurance that you have purchased a device that is equipped with the latest functions meaning that you can buy a Dell laptop knowing that you can save money in the long run by avoiding having to buy a replacement when the next best laptop is released.  

How Sony is Dealing with its PS5 Supply Issues

The moment gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Next Generation of Consoles. It seems a lifetime ago that the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 released. But no one has forgotten the hard-fought marketing battles and internet rage wars that followed in their wake.

But it seems no new console is without its controversies. And the Playstation 5 is following this trend even before its launch.



The PS5 has been shrouded in secrecy. After the initial reveal event, we heard next to nothing about the console. No price or release date in sight. Naturally, people started to worry. With the holiday season quickly approaching eager fans were dying to know when they could get their hands on the next-gen tech.

And all this hype finally culminated a few days ago when the price and the release date was finally revealed to the world.

But this wasn’t the happy announcement it should have been.


The Issues

A few days before the showcase the world was hit with the news that Sony was struggling to make enough PS5 units. And the shortage wasn’t by a small margin either. They estimated they would be short by nearly ten million units. Now, it is all too easy to think that this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

For a new console release, a company will purposely only make a certain amount of units. This is by design to stop everyone who wants one from getting one. The idea is to make the product more elusive and pump up demand. A dirty and evil tactic, but an effective one.

So that ten million is being taken from an already small production size. Meaning the console is set to sell fewer units than the new Xbox on release. But this means the PS5 will be playing catch up for years as they try to recover from this.

Stores are already canceling pre-orders as they have been told they won’t be getting as many units as originally promised. People are having their hearts broken after waiting for hours to get their pre-order in.


Their Battle Plan

The first step in recovering from this disaster was winning back online approval. But this isn’t easy. Mainly because the vast majority of the online community is currently PC gaming based. So already they are facing a community that spends their time using hacks for rusty from veterancheats to top the scoreboards. These people are too focused on dominating to be bothered with whatever Sony is peddling.

So they have had to move to a different tactic and win approval with their new Playstation classics bundle. An attempt to win favor by promising a collection of impressive PS4 games ported to the PS5 on release.

While this has won the favor of a few people, overall it seems the general public is still very angry about the shortages. An insider leak has claimed that sony is funneling millions into correction the production shortage as quickly as they can, diverting resources from other sectors such as their TV and Audio tech departments.

We don’t think Sony is going to be able to deal with the full ramifications of their production shortage. Especially considering the state of the world. With more lockdown restrictions looming, the race is on to get production done before they have to close down their production factories for safety reasons.

What do you think? Are you excited for the release of the PS5? Or are you not bothered either way?

How Do Fire Resistant Products Actually Work

It’s been bugging me for years and finally, I’ve found the answers. Just how exactly do fire-resistant products actually work? Is it magic? Science? A bit of both? Luckily for you, I’ve found out just how this life-saving product actually works and it’s changed the way I look at them.



How exactly do they work? Well, if the paint is “fireproof” it acts as a barrier between the item and the fire. It’s a sort of chemical wall that tells the fire not to come any closer. This is done by the formation of a layer of char above a whole range of materials from metal and fabric to wood. For good welding pants that are fire resistant, I recommend checking out welding mania.



The science of the matter is fascinating. The chemicals that lie within the resistant coating have a chemical reaction to the flames. The heat causes the coating to create bubbles of gas. This gas is inert because it does not go through a chemical reaction and the paint’s own additives then contribute to the inert gas and make it even stronger. This protects the substance even more from the fire. The non-combustible foam char layer works by increasing the time a fire is able to strike through and depending on what substance the paint has been applied to will affect the length of time it takes for the heat to have an effect.


Time Limits

A lot of people seem to think that a time limit on a fireproof paint will indicate how long it takes before the fire burns down whatever you’re putting the paint on. This isn’t the case. It is in fact the time it takes the paint to fail and the fire to affect the material. For example, if a steel fireproof paint has a limit of sixty minutes, that’s not sixty minutes it will take for the fire to consume the piece of steel; it’s sixty minutes before the fire even scorches it. That’s impressive stuff.



It’s safe to say that these fire retardants make a lot of materials safer. If things take longer to catch fire, it’s easier to spot and put the fire out before it becomes a serious problem. In fact, many fires will extinguish all on their own without the necessary fuel to carry on burning. Fuel makes up one of the three pillars a fire needs in order to exist. The other two are oxygen and heat. Without one of the three, the fire cannot continue and the flames will self extinguish. However, if a fire has caught the surface of the material, for example, timber wood, then the paint at the very least will slow this process down considerably and allow more time for human intervention and stopping a collapse for longer. These substances help keep things cooler in the long run and make environments safer for employees. Think of all the lives saved in the steel and timber industry by just using fire-resistant materials and paints around flammable things.



Why might you require the use of a fire retardant? Well, they are great for protecting any kind of wood against fire damage and have consistently been shown to dramatically slow the burning process of wood surfaces right down. In addition, it is important to make it clear that fireproof paints and the like aren’t permanent. Like any paint, it will wear away after time and so the user needs to reapply it when this happens. Therefore, fire retardants aren’t always the single best option when dealing with outside equipment such as BBQs and decks. Like most things, it’s best not to solely rely on them, but to use them in conjunction with your own senses and awareness of fire.

How to Convert HTML to WordPress


Converting an HTML file to WordPress involves a lot of steps which target everything from the textual content in the website to the design formats that can improve the user experience. It does not mean that HTML is not an effective tool anymore. The recent iteration, HTML5, is a very powerful platform that can help you build high-quality websites without any CMS behind them. However, more people are switching to WordPress to manage their websites due to many reasons. There are three ways of switching HTML to WordPress that you will learn about below.

Three ways you can move from static HTML to WordPress

To move from HTML to WP, you will need to turn your HTML design to a WP theme that can control how your website will look and feel. The CMS provides the functionality to the website along with other additional plugins. You have several options to make the switch from HTML to WP. The best-suited method for you depends on several factors, including time and money. You will, of course, need your coding skills and knowledge about different functions.


Manually convert HTML to a WP

If you are thorough with your coding skills, this method may not seem like a problem at all. You can use your existing code as a starting point and start creating new WP theme files. It will include HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP knowledge. You will be using the codes from HTML and using it to create your WP theme. You don’t need to rewrite entire codes again as you can copy, paste, and use the same codes.

The only downside for this method is that you can still miss a few elements that the WordPress theme can offer. Some of the tools, like widgets and WordPress backend programs, will not function while converting with manual coding. It means that even though your site will function on WordPress, you will not be able to manage it completely.

HTML to WP via WordPress Child Theme

This is the easiest and most reasonable option in terms of efforts and monetary investment. Instead of trying to jump your existing site to WordPress, you can create a new website with WordPress and adjust it accordingly to resemble your old website. With this method, you will be able to use WordPress completely while also keeping the looks from your old website. You will also find all the WP features inbuilt without having to use any external plugins.

Import content from HTML to WordPress using plugins

The final method is to set up a fresh site with a new theme and simply import your HTML content to fit the new website. This method is used when you are not interested in keeping the old designs and colours. It is the easiest process, and one can learn it with the knowledge of WordPress plugins.