A Complete Tech Guide to Starting your Own Stream

In this day and age, the career paths that we are able to venture down are much different from what was previously on offer. These days you are not forced to follow a career that fits into the usual lineup of possible careers and you can now do a lot of jobs that are based on your own personal passions.  

Something that has been increasing in popularity in the last few years is streaming. Though you can stream about just about everything, most people choose to host streams that show them playing one of their favorite games. Streamers can gain millions of views with every stream and you can make a pretty profitable career from streaming. Not only do you get paid by the service that you stream on, but you can also get paid extra by your viewers and even form partnerships with businesses that want to sponsor your brand. In recent months, a very popular cbd oil brand has been sponsoring a number of streamers with the deal that they will promote the positive side effects of their product.  


If you are someone that wants to break into the world of streaming, you have to consider that there is an entire technical side to doing it. You can’t just load up your laptop and start streaming and there are a number of steps that you have to take in order to be able to stream. Here is a complete technical guide to starting your own stream.  


Make sure that your device is powerful enough 

Say you use a ten-year-old laptop with 4GB of RAM, you are going to have a hard time running all of the programs required in order to be able to stream. If you are someone that plans on just streaming yourself and talking to your audience, then you will have less of a difficult time using the more basic technology.  

If you are someone that plans on streaming games, then you are going to need an incredibly powerful device in order to run your stream and also run your game. When it comes to streaming games, it is recommended that you have around 16GB of RAM. This will allow you to run all of the programs that are required for you to be able to stream effectively and without any sort of delay and lag which could ruin your stream.  


Make sure you have the right equipment  

There are actually a few things that you need in order to be able to be a successful streamer. If you plan on being a big part of your stream, you will first need a camera.  People who do more personalized streams tend to have a bigger following as their fans feel as though they have more of a connection with them. We recommend that you invest in a high-quality camera, as this will produce a clearer picture which will make your overall stream look be better quality.  

You will also need a mic. This is especially the case if you are someone that will be publishing gaming material as you will want to be able to communicate with the people that you are playing with, as well as your audience. There is nothing more off-putting than tuning into a stream and hearing a poor quality mic. This is often reason enough for people to simply click away from the stream and look for someone else to watch, so you don’t want to lose any potential viewers due to hosting a poor-quality stream.  

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