All the Tech Resources Needed for Running a Successful Pop-Up Restaurant

All the Tech Resources Needed for Running a Successful Pop-Up Restaurant

If you are someone that lives in Australia, then something that you may have noticed is an increase in pop-up restaurants. Unfortunately, covid restrictions within the country have been very on and off and many cities continue to be put in lockdown. The rules concerning public interaction have also been very inconsistent, with restaurants being forced to close their doors and reopen them with extremely short notice.

For this reason, many restaurants have unfortunately been unable to continue operations due to inconsistent income and the pressure of bills. However, instead of closing their doors completely, some restaurant owners decided to try out running a pop-up restaurant.

What is a pop-up restaurant?

A pop-up restaurant is essentially a restaurant with no fixed address. Instead of being limited to one facility, pop-up restaurants hire out an array of different premises and operate their businesses from there. Sometimes owners don’t even operate from inside businesses, and they instead set up pop out restaurants outside, which protects them from a lot of covid restrictions.

If you are someone that is interested in setting up a pop-up restaurant, something that you should know is that it isn’t just as simple as randomly setting up restaurants wherever you feel like it. In fact, you need a lot of tools and tech to be able to do it correctly. Here is just a quick rundown of all the tech resources needed for running a successful pop-up restaurant.

Wireless Card Reader

There is absolutely no point in setting up a restaurant if you have no means of accepting money. Due to the fears associated with covid, we are becoming somewhat of a cashless society. This means that anyone that may come to your restaurant will likely want to pay by card. If you are working in a facility without Wi-Fi or you’re outdoors, then setting up a register can be difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in a wireless card reader that you can take with you to different venues that you might use. Wireless card readers are very affordable, and we recommend that you look into the PayPal specific card reader.


If you are setting up your pop-up indoors, then it is likely that you will likely have access to some form of refrigeration. However, if you set up your restaurant in an unconventional place or somewhere outside, then you will have to source your own. Refrigeration is a must-have, as meats and other foods that are left at the wrong temperature can lead to your customers becoming ill. We recommend that you enlist the help of a company that can help you put together a mobile refrigerator. If you are close to the city, then you will be glad to know that there is a refrigeration company in Perth that specialises in designing refrigeration for different commercial spaces and they can help design one to fit your needs.

An Ipad/Tablet

It may shock you to know that having an Ipad/tablet is extremely useful for running a pop-up restaurant. Using a portable device means that you can keep an account of people that have booked a table at your restaurant. You could always use the pen and paper method, but doing this makes it too easy for mistakes to be made, which could interrupt the running of your pop-up. Having several means that you can link the devices up, which will make it easier for your workers to communicate with each other and update a shared database.

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