Gamepass and Bethesda: Is Microsoft About to Dominate the Industry?

The console wars have been raging for years. From the moment Microsoft launched their Xbox and Sony launched the Playstation, there has been a vicious fight for market dominance. And for a while, Nintendo was in the ring as well, but they have since diverted into their own Niche; which they dominate nicely.

But in terms of the main competition, Sony and Microsoft are arch-rivals. But while they battle it out and try to win one over on the other, it is the customer who benefits. Competition breeds innovation as they say, and this is evident in the console race. Every year it seems both companies frantically try to make their console superior and one of the besten persönlichen geschenke für jungs and girls all over the planet.


The Game Changer

We are about to hit the next generation of consoles. With the Xbox Series X and the PS5 releasing very soon, it seemed for a while that the PS5 was set to win this battle. With a stunning list of release games and big titles. A fantastic console design and powerful specs. But three things happened that now lead us to believe that Microsoft will emerge victorious in this console race.

The first big hit to Sony’s chances of winning is the Pre-orders. Or lack thereof. Sony terribly underestimated just how many units the console would sell and is not scrambling to try to deliver on the demand. But this isn’t the biggest hit Microsoft has made to Sony.



For the past few years, PS Plus subscribers have had to deal with lackluster games every month. And it seems Sony has no intention of changing this. But Microsoft saw how badly Sony was handling it and decided to capitalize on it. Enter: Gamepass.

Gamepass has proven to be one of the most successful gaming initiatives ever. With a stunning library filled with indie titles to fully-fledged triple-A games, Microsoft has already seen hundreds of avid PS gamers switch to Xbox. And Microsoft has plans to make the service even greater with the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Having now partnered with EA, it seems a lot of new titles and existing titles that were previously unavailable will now be free to all subscribers of Gamepass. A strong move by both EA and Microsoft, securing themselves a large number of new customers and making sure they keep their existing fans.

Taking it a step further, any players who also have a Microsoft Gold subscription get access to hundreds more titles and loads of free goodies for keeps. It seems Sony will need to seriously upgrade their PS plus service if they hope to survive.



This might be the biggest nail in Sony’s coffin. With the next generation of consoles, there are always a few key titles people hope to see on the new consoles. These titles include a lot of Bethesda games such as Fallout or Elder Scrolls. So it stands to reason if a company could secure exclusivity rites they would easily boost their sales.

And that is just what Microsoft did. In a huge blow to Sony, Microsoft spent millions upon millions of dollars in a massive deal to buy out Bethesda in its entirety. Now, everything that Bethesda makes or owns is also the property of Microsoft. This means there is a high chance any future fallout games will be Xbox exclusive, at least for a short time anyway.

And with the highly anticipated release of Elder Scrolls 6 on the horizon, people are speculating that the Xbox version will come with a slew of extra features and exclusive content. Chances are slim that it will be a console exclusive. Even Microsoft isn’t that foolish to let millions of sales slip away.


All in all, it seems Microsoft is charging ahead and plans to win this console race. But there is still plenty of time for Sony to pull out a last-minute surprise and completely change the game. All we know is we can’t wait to get our hands on the next generation of consoles.

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