How It’s Made: Looking at How Video Game Maps are Made

I’m sure we can all agree that video games are a great development of technology that changed the entertainment industry forever, however as they are enjoyed by so many, gaming companies often struggle to keep their players interested by offering fresh content within their games. One of the best ways to do this is to make regular changes to the video game map to ensure the player does not get bored of playing and choose another game to play from the thousands of other options that are available on the market.  


The video game map in some cases is the central location where most of the game’s action takes place, with this in mind it would make sense that the map is one of the first things to be upgraded as it provides the biggest opportunity to engross the most players. If you are a regular gamer then you may be interested to know how game creators are able to make such big changes to a game map over small periods of time.  


How Video Game Providers Keep Gamers Interested

With all of the gaming brands that have now come into fruition, there is a lot of pressure on gaming providers to keep their fans and their players interested by producing new content for them to enjoy. As previously mentioned in many mainstream games the concept relies upon having a cool map to play the game within, if the map is not up to scratch it is likely that many players would stop playing as they are having the same boring experience over and over again.  

One of the best ways to keep gamers interested and encourage them to continue playing your games and spending money on unlockable content would be to ensure small changes to the map are being implemented on a regular basis. It is understandable to not be constantly releasing upgrades but if you wish to be successful in comparison to your competition it is something that you will need to start doing in order to remain popular.  

Introducing New Code

 The process of introducing new code can be complex, depending on the extravagance of the things you would like to implement into the game it could take a while to get the code to the point where it will work properly with little to no bugs or issues. In some cases it is necessary to put preliminary code into the game to prepare for the new code that is to be added, Battle Royale games like Fortnite usually follow this process meaning that there will be some server downtime where the game cannot be accessed to make all of the necessary changes as quickly as possible.  

A new update to a popular game can be seen through the recent download within Call of Duty War Zone which included several new maps to play on as well as bug fixes and graphic upgrades. This updater also allowed some old wall hacks and esp cheats for call of duty warzone to come back into use, so if cheats and hacks are something you enjoy using definitely check it out.  

Building upon Existing Code

One of the most commonly used methods of updating a video game map would have to be to build upon the existing code, this will work very well if you are making small changes to the existing code or you would like to add a smaller special feature to the game. This is a great method to help keep the players interested in the game and encourage them to continue to play and check out the new features, whilst only requiring a small amount of work for you to implement them.  

This method can be used to add small extras to the gaming map and it is actually very easy to do. An example of this would be if your game had drivable vehicles within them, it would be much simpler to use the coding for your vehicles and add things like power-ups and weapons rather than coding in a separate vehicle, this would add a new dynamic to the game without needing server downtime to complete it.  

Seasonal Changes

Many games choose to release new maps over the year but if your game is played on a  single map it may be a good idea to change the map on a seasonal basis. This adds an element of storytelling that would entice gamers even more as well as limit the number of times you will need a complete overhaul of the game’s code, whilst adding smaller changes over the season to make sure people will continue to play your game. Having a seasonal schedule for a video game map also opens up the opportunity to go for a more drastic theme change that will be more interesting to the players.  

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