How to Convert HTML to WordPress


Converting an HTML file to WordPress involves a lot of steps which target everything from the textual content in the website to the design formats that can improve the user experience. It does not mean that HTML is not an effective tool anymore. The recent iteration, HTML5, is a very powerful platform that can help you build high-quality websites without any CMS behind them. However, more people are switching to WordPress to manage their websites due to many reasons. There are three ways of switching HTML to WordPress that you will learn about below.

Three ways you can move from static HTML to WordPress

To move from HTML to WP, you will need to turn your HTML design to a WP theme that can control how your website will look and feel. The CMS provides the functionality to the website along with other additional plugins. You have several options to make the switch from HTML to WP. The best-suited method for you depends on several factors, including time and money. You will, of course, need your coding skills and knowledge about different functions.


Manually convert HTML to a WP

If you are thorough with your coding skills, this method may not seem like a problem at all. You can use your existing code as a starting point and start creating new WP theme files. It will include HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP knowledge. You will be using the codes from HTML and using it to create your WP theme. You don’t need to rewrite entire codes again as you can copy, paste, and use the same codes.

The only downside for this method is that you can still miss a few elements that the WordPress theme can offer. Some of the tools, like widgets and WordPress backend programs, will not function while converting with manual coding. It means that even though your site will function on WordPress, you will not be able to manage it completely.

HTML to WP via WordPress Child Theme

This is the easiest and most reasonable option in terms of efforts and monetary investment. Instead of trying to jump your existing site to WordPress, you can create a new website with WordPress and adjust it accordingly to resemble your old website. With this method, you will be able to use WordPress completely while also keeping the looks from your old website. You will also find all the WP features inbuilt without having to use any external plugins.

Import content from HTML to WordPress using plugins

The final method is to set up a fresh site with a new theme and simply import your HTML content to fit the new website. This method is used when you are not interested in keeping the old designs and colours. It is the easiest process, and one can learn it with the knowledge of WordPress plugins.

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