How to Get Started in the World of Video Game Development

If you are interested in pursuing a career in video game development, look no further. I will be explaining the best ways to go about this and what you can do to get a head start in the world of video game development. With the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the demand to become video game developers has become higher than ever. It is no surprise, as gaming has become so extreme and highly popular since the release of the PS4 and Xbox One. This is how you can go from zero to hero as a game developer. Regardless of which approach to learning you take, the most important thing to do is start. It is that simple. Pick up a book, start sketching, watch and analyze a movie, watch documentaries about game design, attend local events. Just get started. If you do not have the passion and motivation for this, then it doesn’t matter how good your education – you will struggle.



For many developers, the idea of building a video game on their own often seems like a monumental task. Game developers need to consider art, animation, physics, mathematics, input, rendering, shaders, and countless other things that probably seem like they are in no way relevant to the daily job of building websites, services, or business apps. Not many people realize the depth that goes into making a video game and how large of a task it really is. Learning how to develop games can help you in your career, by making you a better overall coder, or just by learning how to be flexible and adding new skills to your portfolio. Developers need to fix many issues within gameplay also such as warzone wallhacks and bug fixes within the game. No game runs smoothly the first time, it will always require developers to go back and fix issues within the game itself which may be due to errors in the coding.


Creating the Game

Creating a game is a huge task; so, my advice is that you should start small. Pick a simple mobile game that already exists. Then pick one that is even more simple and recreate that through tutorials. There is a lot to learn and diving in with a huge project is a guaranteed way to get overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, and fail. So again, pick the simplest game you can possibly think of to start. With the right tutorials and a little understanding of programming, you can build these little games in a day. Throughout the process, you will start learning your way around the editor, discovering new components, and realizing how little code is required for the simplest of games. There is no specific programming language that is exclusively used for Game Development. But C++ is the most popular in game development and also the most commonly used language for writing game engines. Some of the popular games made with C++ are Counter-Strike, King Quest, World of Warcraft, etc.

Another popular language is Java as it has multithreading and sockets. A popular game made in Java is Angry Birds Chrome. Java may be well known, especially to PC gamers due to the popular game Minecraft, so this will give you somewhat of an advantage. Game development can be taught in school, however small. You may take a media class and find yourself doing a simple PC game, but you will still need to learn the ins and outs of coding, maths, and physics. It is important that lessons such as these are taught, as it is a scientific process but allows for children to enjoy themselves and become immersed In the world of video game development, which may cause them to pursue this in their adulthood.

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