Raising Awareness: Are Wristbands More Effective Than TV Adverts?

Nothing annoys people more in modern times than TV Adverts. But it seems they are here to stay. No matter how much we try to avoid them, companies find new ways of showing adverts to us.

But they aren’t all negative. Adverts are a great way for small businesses to grow their customer base. It is a fantastic way for politicians to spread their political message during election season.

But there is one type of advert that is perhaps more important than any other. You will have seen hundreds of them. Often they are presenting images of those suffering or people in need. And often they are asking for charitable donations.


Raising Awareness

Awareness campaigns have been an important part of our society for many years now. It is our right as humans to help our fellow man. And our new age of information has made it all the easier to inform people of the hardships others are suffering from.

The first step in charity is raising awareness. If people aren’t informed then nothing can be done. But our world of advertising has made it difficult to raise awareness effectively. People are all too keen to avoid adverts altogether. So are TV Adverts still the best way to raise awareness?

There is one competitor that might be better, despite it being completely non-digital. And that method is awareness wristbands.


The Wristbands

You might remember a few years back when silicone wristbands were huge in the world of fashion. They were customized to have the branding of a number of important causes and sold for cheap, with all the profits going towards the various causes. Some would say it was one of the most impactful and strong awareness campaigns in recent history.

In recent years they have vanished from the public eye a bit more, mainly due to charities moving more towards digital adverts and doubling down on TV advertisements.

But which method is more effective when it comes to raising awareness?


TV Vs Fashion

So which method is best for raising awareness in the modern-day? Firstly let’s look at the strengths for both. TV Adverts are able to present a lot of detailed information to the viewer. This is important to make sure they are aware of where their money will be going and how it will be used.

It is also great at highlighting the plight of those affected by these issues. Information is power when it comes to charity and raising awareness, and TV adverts are filled with information.

Wristbands have the power of being portable. To view  TV Advert people have to be, of course, sat on their TV. But if someone is wearing a wristband they will be spreading the name of the cause wherever they go. In the marketing world, this is called free advertising and is one of the most powerful tools available to a charity.

But both these methods have their weaknesses. For wristbands it is the fact there isn’t much information presented on them. While buying them gives money to a good cause, it can be difficult for people to be aware of what causes the wristband is for at a glance.

But TV Adverts are slowly becoming increasingly obsolete in our society. Streaming platforms are used in homes more often than conventional TV packages, and these platforms tend to be advert free.


Overall we would argue that Wristbands are far more effective at raising awareness than a TV advert. The combination of being present in shops, mainly at the tills, and having people talk about their fashion and why they are wearing it is a much better way of spreading information in these modern times.


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