The Definitive Top Ten Best Laptop Brands


 The first laptop brand worthy of a position on this list of the best laptop brands would have to be Samsung, as a company they are known for carrying a wide variety of household tech and their laptops does not deviate from the standard of quality that has been set by their many years of trading. The latest Samsung laptop release was in the mid-range when compared to other devices on the market however, they have a wide range of laptop models each catering to a different budget range.  


 Chromebooks are very unique as they are designed to be used mainly over the internet, by cutting down on processor and RAM capabilities these laptops are much more affordable and will last longer before they begin to deteriorate in terms of running speeds. If you are looking for a new laptop but don’t have the funds available for one of the more luxury brands and models then a Chromebook could be just what you need for casual use and internet streaming.  


 Lenovo laptops would have to be up there as one of the best brands currently available in my opinion, their new release which was actually a tablet and laptop hybrid device would be great for somebody who works in graphic design and could make use of the think pad technology that is implemented in many Lenovo laptops. These devices can be a little on the expensive side but luckily I found a german Lenovo ecoupon and was able to save myself some money, so I would urge you to do the same and check if any discount is available before you go ahead with a purchase.  


 ASUS is a tech brand that has been around for some time now since its development in the early 2000s they have been a consistent brand in terms of providing functional and easy-to-use laptops and technology. Their reliability has brought them many loyal customers who are likely to stay with ASUS as their trusted tech brand bringing them much repeat business and profit.   


 HP is a brand with some very powerful devices under their range of laptops that are available for purchase, like the older brands such as Dell and ASUS this brand of tech has been trusted by many for many years, among them one of the most popular laptop providers in our country. HP has been making laptops for a long time and their large amount of experience can be seen through the innovative designs of the tech they produce every year to make sure that people with a  range of budgets can access efficient laptops for their home.  



 MSI specializes in home technology and gaming equipment, their wide range of technology may not be as well known as some of the more mainstream devices on this list but the fact that they are still trading after so long in the industry shows their worth as a technology designer and retailer. Their laptops would be very well suited for those of you that need a professional-grade performance quality as well as those who will be using their laptop on an almost daily basis.  


 Huawei as a brand has been releasing some very good stuff this year from phones to home computers and laptops, one thing that you can guarantee with Huawei is that no matter what device you are looking for Huawei will have a high quality and effective device for you that will meet all of your needs. Again with many different devices suited for a range of budgets  


 It should go without saying that Apple and their flagship laptop designs are iconic within the industry, if you have not had any experience with Apple products I would urge you to research into what they have to offer and whether or not you think their products would be suitable for your home life. Macbooks come equipped with amazing processor speeds and quality that cannot be matched by any other competitors on the market. From the sleek design and sturdy materials to the vibrant screen and unmatched performance power if you were to invest in a Macbook I am sure that you will not regret your decision.  


 Acer is another very widely used laptop brand with many members of the public admitting that they have used an Acer laptop at some point in their lives. This brand caters to a wide range of people who require their technology for different situations in both a professional and home setting. Their laptops can be relied upon for durability and performance and would be perfect for someone looking for a device for everyday use on the go, as they are so resilient to damage this would be perfect for people who use their laptops in a variety of different places. 


The final brand worthy of a position on this list would have to be Dell, they are very well known and have become a household name over their many years within the technology industry. A dell laptop provides insurance that you have purchased a device that is equipped with the latest functions meaning that you can buy a Dell laptop knowing that you can save money in the long run by avoiding having to buy a replacement when the next best laptop is released.  

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