The Ultimate List of the Best Markdown Editors to Use in 2020

Best Markdown Editors

If you’ve ever written an article in notepad or MS Word and copy-pasted it into a Content Management System, then you’re probably aware of the formatting issues. The untidy formatting and code need to be taken care of, every time you go through the copy-pasting hassle. If you’ve been struggling with that, now is the best time to introduce to you the world of Markdown editors. When you’re writing an article or using the CMS, then the in-built options for text-formatting might seem the best solution for you. But guess what? There is a more straightforward way by which you can make the entire process wrangle-free. Check out these top Markdown editors of 2020  that will make your life simpler!

Markdown editors for Mac


Byword is the best Markdown editor of 2020 because it offers excellent features for both beginner and advanced level users. They include features like:

  • Subtle syntax highlighting
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Footnotes
  • Cross-references
  • Paragraph indent
  • Lists


They offer streamlined features that are suitable to enhance anybody’s writing experience. They provide the formatting for headings, lists, lines, paragraphs and also consists of a typewriter mode, that aids in distraction-free writing. Their export features are genuinely mesmerizing, which allows you to post or publish directly via CMS like WordPress and Blogspot.


MacDown consists of a minimalistic appearance, which helps in easy formatting. They’re also embedded with live preview option. MacDown is the result of enhancement of a failed product called Mou, created by editor’s author, Tzu-Ping Chun. Despite its minimalistic appearance, they’re well-suited for editing.

Markdown editors for Windows


It is a simple editor with a clean User Interface. They provide access to emojis, file paths HTML codes. The flexible features of this editor allow you to jump between files and also activate the dark mode and customize it according to user’s needs.



Their full-screen options and distraction-free environment allows the user to write captivating content at one stretch. They have a great option of customizing the screen and preview according to it how it looks on the internet or your website page. The built-in processors in the tool directly export the files to HTML format. However, if you want to export it in Doc, PDF or word format, then you can do so by installing external tools like Pandoc. Ghostwriter provides aesthetic user experience by providing customizable themes and backgrounds.


It is considered as one of the fastest free Markdown editors for windows. One feature that is not suited for the users is it does not display windows or tabs of how the text is rendered. Once you start typing, you have to apply formatting from the menu bar at the top of the screen. It is not only suitable for writing web content or blog posts, but it also consists of graphs or lines, which help students in writing research papers. The saved documents can be directly exported to various other formats like PDF, OpenOffice, Doc and many more.

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