These 7 Shows Spent More on CGI Than Most Blockbuster Movies

Do you remember those really old Sci-Fi movies? Where the alien space ships were attached to a string and flew above a miniature model town? Now compare that to the heart-stopping, eye-watering CGI of the Avengers movies. It’s safe to say that CGI has come a long way in such a short space of time. And it is only getting better and better every year.

With CGI movie makers can do fantastic things. They can reanimate dead actors, allowing them to reprise their roles from beyond the grave. They can create images so realistic, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for live-action.

And in recent years, this CGI technology has moved from being a big-budget movie exclusive towards being a TV staple. We are in the age of fantastic TV. In fact, studies show that people prefer a big-budget TV show to a blockbuster movie.

The reason for this is streaming services. Netflix has a massive library of fantastic shows. Amazon prime is creating award-winning series. And the streamsmart pro v20 supports 4k viewing. Streaming is at its best right now. So it’s no wonder that a lot of TV shows are spending more on their CGI department than most movies.

We have done the research and found that these 7 shows spent more on CGI than some of the biggest movies around. So, let’s take a look.


Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become a cult classic. Seemingly overnight it went from a new Netflix release to becoming one of the breakout shows of our generation. Catapulting Millie-Bobby Brown into stardom and giving Winona Ryder a chance to shine once more, it is no wonder this show is so highly acclaimed.

And the CGI budget for Stranger Things is out of this world. Literally. Creating and animating the Upsidedown, which is the spooky alternate dimension visited in the show, was no small task. Along with creating the demogorgons and demodogs, the shows CGI budget dwarfed that of some of the latest Marvel Movies.


The Boys

The boys turned the superhero genre on its head. Showing the heroes as power-hungry, corporate sellouts. It has become one of the most popular shows of the last two years, and people are already clambering for a third season, despite the second season has only just ended recently.

The show makes use of a hefty CGI budget to create the powers of the titular heroes. From Homelander’s laser eyes and disgusting gore scenes to starlights impressive bolts of light, the show has the budget of a proper superhero movie twice over.


The Expanse

One of the most expensive shows currently on the air, the Exapsne is set in a future where humanity has conquered the solar system. But the ships in the Expanse all follow the real laws of space travel. This includes all the nitty-gritty details of navigating through a Vaccum.

Because of this, the CGI budget was astronomical. They had to create a fully working physics engine to make sure the ships were behaving properly. Not to mention all the CGI that normally comes with a big budget sci-fi production. You would be shocked how much it actually costs to make this show.


Doctor Who

One of the most famous shows on the planet. Doctor who is Quintesntial Sci-fi. Running for over 50 years, the show used to be known for its tin-foil costumes and pepper pot bad guys. But modern Doctor Who has upped the CGI, especially when it became popular in America. And now it has a budget that would knock Enders Game out of the park.

While the CGI itself might not always be the most stunning, it still spends a lot on CGI effects. It is nearly impossible to film an episode of Doctor Who where some sort of CGI isn’t used.


Love, Death, and Robots

This show was made up of a series of separate stories, all animated by a different animation team from around the world. And because of that it has one of the largest CGI budgets ever seen. But the money was well spent as every episode is a beautiful work of art. Featuring stunning and characterized visuals, you could easily lose yourself in the worlds presented to you in every episode.

And it also has some of the funniest animated robots in any work of fiction ever, so make sure you check it out!


Star Trek: Discovery

Everyone knows Star Trek. One of the most famous and important Sci-Fi shows ever made. It was a beacon of diversity in a time where many people were gatekept out of the acting world. And Discovery is Netflix’s attempt to revive the show.

And with it, they have attached a massive budget. Every episode is filled with stunning effects and beautiful scenery. Not to mention animating the ship itself takes a lot of hard work. While the quality of the writing might not be the best, if you want to watch a sci-fi show with stunning effects, this is the one.


Transformers: Prime

Any list that looks at CGI needs to include a transformers show. Prime follows the most famous Autobot on his adventures on earth. And all of it is animated in stunning 3d. The budget itself would make James Cameron Blush! The seamless way the transformer actually transform is mesmerizing. We can’t recommend this show enough.

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