These Four Tech-Companies are Taking On Apple in a Big Way!

Apple is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful companies on the planet. Their logo is everywhere. Their brand is a household name and instantly recognizable. They are constantly parodied, praised, attacked, loved, loathed and everything in between.

Not many companies can elicit this sort of response from the population of the entire planet. Yet Apple has solidified itself in the annals of human history as a cooperate tech goliath. But just like the age of parable of David and Goliath, there is always someone gunning to take them down.

Apple is no stranger to market competition. That is just a side effect of the capitalist world we live in. But, occasionally, a few companies step up and actively take aim at weakening Apple’s stranglehold on the market. Sometimes this is done in a positive, competitive manner. Other times it is an outright declaration of war.


Epic Games

Fortnite has become as common a name like Apple. Kids armed with Iphones sink countless hours into Fortnite. It seems the Fortnite craze is showing no signs of stopping. But recently the company that develops Fortnite, Epic Games, has fired off a shot against Apple, declaring all-out war on the company.

The drama started when they create a system to bypass the Apple Stores inbuilt microtransactions system, passing the savings onto the customer if they buy directly with Epic Games. This effectively would stop Apple from profiting from their product.

Apple responded by removing Fortnite from the Apple Store. Epic responded with a vicious attack trailer and creating an Anti-Apple ingame event. Clearly they had this planned from the get-go. We can’t say who is in the right here. And Epics’ plan to weaponize children seems dodgy at best.


Social Planner

But not all attacks against Apple are done with malicious intent. Some are pure good-spirited competition, like that presented by socialplanner. This company is developing a series of apps designed to streamline people’s schedules, social media content, and business timetables. Previously, a lot of Apple devices try to get you to use their inbuilt scheduling apps. Social Planner is trying to combat this by creating an app that anyone can use, across multiple devices, including Apple products. The big advantage of this is the user can track their information on multiple devices.



The age-old enemy of Apple. Their biggest rival and the only company that can constantly go blow for blow against the tech giant. Microsoft has thrown their hat into the ring by backing Epic Games in their upcoming dispute. A clear attack directly against Apple.

Will this have any lasting consequences? Most likely not. It is not unusual for a major competitor to side with a company taking shots against Apple. It just stokes further competition which, in turn, fuels progress in development and research. We won’t be surprised if Microsoft even launches an ad campaign in support of Epic.



If there is one company that could do some serious damage to Apple, its Google. The company that seemingly runs the internet. The search engine that knows exactly what you are thinking. No matter what device you use, Android or Apple, chances are you are still using Google while online.

And Google knows this. To that end, they are pushing forward their own line of phones and products, backed by the power of their Google advertising algorithm to prioritize their products, it won’t be long before we are living in a world run by Google.

Of course, it won’t be anything like as bad as the movies would have you believe.

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