Wearable Tech: 5 Fitness Gadgets To Up your Workout

Fit Bit

Fit bits have become a staple in any sportsman’s workout routine, they have revolutionized how people work out and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Any professional sports player or exercise enthusiast you know probably has a fit bit, and with good reason. Thanks to their amazing design and technology team they have paved the way for the technology and fitness industry to really blossom.


A fit bit is basically a smartwatch designed to monitor information regarding your body and any exercise sessions you will do, as well as tracking how long a session has gone on for, and also get information like how many calories you have burnt and your heart rate as you exercise. What makes the Fit bit different from their competition would be the fact that all of this crucial information is accessible thanks to one easy to use the mobile app, seeing a record of information from previous workouts is a very useful tool for any sports enthusiast and has really made a change in the way that we do exercise.


Smart Rings/ Bracelets

Another nifty gadget that has recently come onto the market would have to be the introduction of smart jewelry, rather than focusing on using body monitoring technology within the jewelry we have instead seen the release of rings and bracelets fitted with special magnets. These magnets are designed to help with muscle relaxation and prevent illness later in life, thanks to the implementation of these new magnets we could see a rapid decrease in conditions like arthritis which is commonly suffered by those who put extra strain on their body through exercise. The jewelry releases waves that promote the health of your joints and bones in the area you wear it, so it is definitely worth looking at this revolutionary medical technology and see if it is something you would benefit from.


GPS tracking

This gadget is something that is suitable for runners or maybe you’re a worried parent with a child going to soccer practice, in the winter months it can get dark very early, and knowing where your loved ones are can be a welcome peace of mind. GPS tracking sensors are readily available to help ensure your safety when you are working out outdoors, they are very easy to use with clips to attach them to anything you could have on your person. They are even compatible with the top adidas soccer cleats for your convenience. Simply attach the tracker and install the mobile app to see the wearer’s location, of course, it goes without saying that these gadgets should only be used for safety purposes only.


Headphone Hats

Going for a run when it’s cold outside is bad enough without having to deal with the inconvenience of headphones being in your ear, thanks to the creation of wooly hats with small built-in Bluetooth earphones you can not only listen to your music comfortably but also keep warm.

Muscle Training Clothing

A final gadget worthy of a place on this list would have to be the introduction of muscle training pads, these pads fit onto your muscles or can even be found built into pieces of clothing. These pads are used to stimulate your muscles and encourage them to grow in size and strength. The workout can be customized to suit anyone’s desired intensity so there is no worry of your body being overworked and we have seen some exceptional results. If you were to use this technology on your abs for example you should experience toning and strengthening of your core muscles without having to lift a finger.

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