What is Markdown, and Why Should You Use It?


The text editor market has been growing rapidly over the past several years, and this has put the name Markdown under some major traction. Users of Markdown might very well know how it works and what it entails. The wonders that the editor holds in the form of technical support helps writers all over the world to make wiser decisions with the content they put out. Every writer who has used Markdown has only had great reviews about it. So, let us have a closer look at the world of Markdown to explore the features that make it special.

What is Markdown?

Writing online blogs or anything for the internet is made easier with this plain text formatting syntax called Markdown. Readability of plain text documents without any tags was the concept behind developing Markdown, and it has been doing its part well by rendering all writers with excellent service. It also has the feature of being open to the addition of text modifiers like italics, bold and lists. Markdown is one great alternative to the editors that use rich text for conversion to HTML. The variants of Markdown formats messages on Messenger, Reddit, and Skype, and the amusing part about it is that no one realizes this fact. By enclosing words in asterisks will make them bold. Markdown works in such simple forms that are comprehensible to not just the techies. Knowing how to work with plain text can help you write for the web using Markdown.

Reasons to Use It

1.      Learning is Easy

Nothing about Markdown is complicated; it is so simple to decode and learn. You can gain access to the official syntax on various websites. Typing *word* will get you the bold version of it, and _word_ or **word** will italicize the term. Rich text editors will have a more complex form of typing, and that surely is a time-consuming task. On the other hand, if you use Markdown, it might take only half the time required for formatting on rich text editors. Links and bulleted lists are the hardest to memorize as a keyboard sequence in rich text editors, resulting in a slower process. With Markdown, you can code a table in HTML with full support. Markdown was invented to make the reading easier, and so it does with the raw text being less complex than in HTML.


2.      Conversion to HTML is Easier

Markdown is the best option when you want to write a readme file or an email without all the features of the HTML formatting options. Since there are so many tags, opening and closing it would be a hassle in HTML. This is, to a great extent, solved by Markdown with the flawless conversion.

3.      Being Used Everywhere

Rich text editors have grown in popularity; there is no denial. But that doesn’t mean Markdown has fallen out of its former glory. It has, indeed, developed into a better state from the initial stages. Popular sites such as Skype, Slack, Wikipedia, and Facebook have been using Markdown as their formatting option.

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