Why This European Tech Firm is Investing in Rocket League

It was recently revealed by Bild that the German tech giant Celonis had made a sizable investment into the rocket league franchise. This news came as quite a surprise, so this passage will try and detail why this decision was made.


Firstly, you need to consider the immense relevancy of Rocket League, this is a game that contains skin loot boxes, tournaments, and many players make use of rocket league boosting the game is massive. This shows that rocket league is not a franchise that is going away any time soon, and that it remains as big as it was upon its release date in 2015.


Now, despite rocket league being a relatively cheap game, you need to realize the immense amount of money this game rakes in from in-game purchases. Be it from skins, in-game coins, or tournaments, the game is extremely profitable. The game also has a large field of different players. The game goes from casual teenagers to MLG professional E-Sport players. This means that the game has a fantastic level of appeal to almost every gamer demographic.


Finally, we should explore what Celonis can do for Rocket League. Well, the firm has been investing in E-Sports events throughout Europe over the past decade. Running and placing their sponsorship on some of the biggest events on the continent. Celonis clearly see the competitive nature of professional rocket league tournaments and understand that hedging their bets on rocket league could offer an exclusive relationship on any future events.


This is clearly a mutually beneficial deal for both Celonis and rocket league, as rocket league is now giving a higher point of legitimacy in the European market, while Celonis have the opportunity to attach there name to one of the fastest-growing E-Sport franchises.

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